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Final year round-up #2 – Final Major

Most of the process and thinking behind this project can be found here: chrissystylesfmp.wordpress.com, so I’ll only post the final outcome.

Basically the big idea was to find a way that the internet could be used to enhance people’s offline interactions. This final outcome is a reinvention of the band-tshirt.

Music is a universal topic — everyone has a music taste — and it’s not so personal as to be weird if you were wearing it.

In the past, wearing a band t-shirt was, aside from a good conversation starter, a pretty good indication of someone’s music taste. Now, however, with the rise of things like Last.fm and Spotify, people are able to access a wider variety of music than before and so have much more varied music tastes. A variety that one band t-shirt couldn’t convey.

I have created a concept for t-shirts that have patterns containing QR codes that when scanned, would lead to one of that person’s Last.fm charts: weekly/monthly/overall top artists/albums or recently listened to tracks, and then hopefully onto a conversation. The point is that by wearing QR codes you are effectively inviting people to scan them, and so would be open to the possibility of a conversation afterwards.

I also created an accompanying website where customers could customise their order to make it more personal to them – all the while keeping in mind that the QR code still had to be legible.

I think it’s still too early for me to honestly say whether or not I’m completely pleased with this – I spent so long on this project that right now I never want to see it again! I loved the textiles part of it though and this is something I hope to do more of.


Hand-printed cushions

More homemade Christmas gifts, this time some block-printed cushions for my dad and stepmum.

Textile design is something I’ve always had an interest in since GCSE but never really found a way to work it into a uni project. I’ve recently been experimenting with some lino printing for an existing project and as Christmas gives me some free time I thought it would be a good opportunity to attempt some textile printing.

I ran into slight difficulty with the printing because the only paint I could get my hands on at short notice was some cheap fabric paint (top tip: don’t ever go to Worthing for art supplies. In fact, don’t ever go to Worthing.) which didn’t adhere to the printing block with the roller as well as proper printing ink would have done so I had to paint it on with a brush, which resulted in slightly uneven printing but it’s not too bad.

Finished printed fabric

I haven’t done any sewing other than garment alterations since I left school so that was quite interesting…especially as the only sewing machine in the house is my mum’s beautiful but cumbersome ancient Singer. Trying to keep the fabric straight with one hand while turning the wheel with the other turned out to be really tricky. I’m never taking my cheapo electric machine for granted again!

Eventually it all turned out well, this project reminded me that fabric and textiles is something I really enjoy so hopefully I’ll have a go at more things like this in the new year and maybe try and work some textiles into a project somewhere along the line.