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Comic Sans biscuits are going to RSA


They’re keeping my business cards company. Food bribes are kind of my thing.


Finished baked typeface project

It’s finally complete.

It was going to be a book, but the final outcome is a set of postcards of the baked typefaces, with the recipe and a bit about the typeface on the back.

I’m hoping to carry this project on in my own time as this is just a sample for an idea that I’d like to get professionally produced at some point because I’ve had such incredible feedback from it. For now, I had to stop at 6 typefaces because at around £10 a typeface to create it was getting a little expensive for my student budget.

Even more baked typefaces

I’ve been doing more baked typefaces with a view to eventually making a book. I think. The idea was originally to do an A-Z but I definitely won’t have the time, so I don’t really know where it’s going yet.

More baked typefaces

You might remember a few months ago I started venturing into the world of the typeface as a baked good. I forgot about that for a couple of months, but as I would quite like it in my portfolio soon, I set about doing a few more today.

Gill Sans digestive biscuitThe Gill Sans digestive. Humble, inherently British and not too showy.

American Typewriter Oreo typeface cookieThe American Typewriter Oreo. An all-American classic. Turns out that Oreo batter is not an easy medium for creating typefaces, hence the cracks and wonkiness. I also ran out of batter for a lowercase letter, but by this time I was getting a bit angry with it so I let it go.

My housemates fully endorse this project, because it means there’s a fresh supply of biscuits for them to get rid of.