WANTED: Volunteers

I’m looking for guinea pigs for my major project. Right now you don’t have to do anything, I just need your name. After that you might not have to do anything else, or I might get you to answer a few quick questions in the near future. That’s all! Let me know if you can help.


New blog for my final major project

I’ve created a separate blog for my final major project as a place to collect all my research/experiments/thoughts/findings and to prevent things from getting confusing on this one.

It’s looking pretty bare but bear with me.


Final major project brief

I started this a few weeks ago but only just got round to writing the final-ish draft of the brief:

Can we learn from our virtual interactions? Are there aspects of the internet that can translate to the physical world to enhance and improve our relationships and the way we network and connect with each other?

 By working on a series of short, mini projects, I want to explore this relationship between virtual and physical.

 1. Facebook is replacing traditional methods as our preferred way of communication. Rather than denouncing it, or persuading people to move back to traditional ways – letter writing, face-to-face contact or even phonecalls – are there any aspects of Facebook that can translate into our physical interactions to change the way we think about communication?

 2. Every day most of us create content online without thinking about it – we tweet our thoughts and feelings, upload videos onto Youtube and check-in to locations on Foursquare. But do we realise how much information about ourselves is out there and readily accessible? Would we be willing to walk around handing this information out publicly? 
Is it possible to construct a profile of someone using the information only found online – and would they recognize it if it was presented to them? Could this information be shared with new people as we met them to create connections and conversation starters?

 3. TBD

 By the end of these mini projects I will determine an area of interest to be further developed or have identified a problem to be solved which will become the final conclusion to the project.

Finished baked typeface project

It’s finally complete.

It was going to be a book, but the final outcome is a set of postcards of the baked typefaces, with the recipe and a bit about the typeface on the back.

I’m hoping to carry this project on in my own time as this is just a sample for an idea that I’d like to get professionally produced at some point because I’ve had such incredible feedback from it. For now, I had to stop at 6 typefaces because at around £10 a typeface to create it was getting a little expensive for my student budget.

Even more baked typefaces

I’ve been doing more baked typefaces with a view to eventually making a book. I think. The idea was originally to do an A-Z but I definitely won’t have the time, so I don’t really know where it’s going yet.

I’ve gone Dutch

I’m so thrilled that the What a Way to Make a Livin’ poster was featured in the Podium section of Dutch advertising magazine Adformatie (19 Jan). Massive thanks to Jennette at Dolly Rogers for this!

Friday I’m in Love

Quick project to kick start the year – designing a cover for The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love for the Secret 7″ project by Talenthouse without including any text relating to the artist or title.

I love The Cure and this song so this was perfect for getting me back into the swing of things after Christmas. It was nice to do a really short, fast project, knock out loads of ideas and mess about with paint, shredded paper, illustration and even food before I ended up with this. A nice reminder of what can be achieved in a short amount of time.

There is some sort of voting element to the competition which I am too lazy to drum up support for because I’m glad to just have something actually finished for once and I’m not one to start bombarding everyone on Facebook, but if you like you can click here.