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Final year round-up #2 – Final Major

Most of the process and thinking behind this project can be found here:, so I’ll only post the final outcome.

Basically the big idea was to find a way that the internet could be used to enhance people’s offline interactions. This final outcome is a reinvention of the band-tshirt.

Music is a universal topic — everyone has a music taste — and it’s not so personal as to be weird if you were wearing it.

In the past, wearing a band t-shirt was, aside from a good conversation starter, a pretty good indication of someone’s music taste. Now, however, with the rise of things like and Spotify, people are able to access a wider variety of music than before and so have much more varied music tastes. A variety that one band t-shirt couldn’t convey.

I have created a concept for t-shirts that have patterns containing QR codes that when scanned, would lead to one of that person’s charts: weekly/monthly/overall top artists/albums or recently listened to tracks, and then hopefully onto a conversation. The point is that by wearing QR codes you are effectively inviting people to scan them, and so would be open to the possibility of a conversation afterwards.

I also created an accompanying website where customers could customise their order to make it more personal to them – all the while keeping in mind that the QR code still had to be legible.

I think it’s still too early for me to honestly say whether or not I’m completely pleased with this – I spent so long on this project that right now I never want to see it again! I loved the textiles part of it though and this is something I hope to do more of.


Comic Sans biscuits are going to RSA


They’re keeping my business cards company. Food bribes are kind of my thing.

WANTED: Volunteers

I’m looking for guinea pigs for my major project. Right now you don’t have to do anything, I just need your name. After that you might not have to do anything else, or I might get you to answer a few quick questions in the near future. That’s all! Let me know if you can help.

New blog for my final major project

I’ve created a separate blog for my final major project as a place to collect all my research/experiments/thoughts/findings and to prevent things from getting confusing on this one.

It’s looking pretty bare but bear with me.

Final major project brief

I started this a few weeks ago but only just got round to writing the final-ish draft of the brief:

Can we learn from our virtual interactions? Are there aspects of the internet that can translate to the physical world to enhance and improve our relationships and the way we network and connect with each other?

 By working on a series of short, mini projects, I want to explore this relationship between virtual and physical.

 1. Facebook is replacing traditional methods as our preferred way of communication. Rather than denouncing it, or persuading people to move back to traditional ways – letter writing, face-to-face contact or even phonecalls – are there any aspects of Facebook that can translate into our physical interactions to change the way we think about communication?

 2. Every day most of us create content online without thinking about it – we tweet our thoughts and feelings, upload videos onto Youtube and check-in to locations on Foursquare. But do we realise how much information about ourselves is out there and readily accessible? Would we be willing to walk around handing this information out publicly? 
Is it possible to construct a profile of someone using the information only found online – and would they recognize it if it was presented to them? Could this information be shared with new people as we met them to create connections and conversation starters?

 3. TBD

 By the end of these mini projects I will determine an area of interest to be further developed or have identified a problem to be solved which will become the final conclusion to the project.