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New blog


Probably less design-related stuff and more photos of cats.



I’ve left Falmouth with a high 2:1 and right now I’m in London to kick off the future starting with an internship at Spencer Du Bois tomorrow. In light of this I’ve decided to retire this blog and leave it as an archive of my education from Foundation through to the end of university.

I’ll probably start a new one in time as I start to figure out what I want to do with my life. Watch this space.

Over and out.

Finished baked typeface project

It’s finally complete.

It was going to be a book, but the final outcome is a set of postcards of the baked typefaces, with the recipe and a bit about the typeface on the back.

I’m hoping to carry this project on in my own time as this is just a sample for an idea that I’d like to get professionally produced at some point because I’ve had such incredible feedback from it. For now, I had to stop at 6 typefaces because at around £10 a typeface to create it was getting a little expensive for my student budget.

I will update more.

This is my one-month-into-the-new-year’s resolution.

However currently there is no interesting content to update with because I’m stuck indoors with flu, so I’ll get back to you on that.

Unit 2 final piece

The brief was to create either a typeface, packaging range or unique product based on the responses of an anonymous questionnaire from another student. I felt my person was quite complex, someone who seemed simple on the outside but there were lots of layers you had to get through to properly understand her (I’m guessing it’s a she…I still don’t know who it is!). I spent most of the 4 weeks playing around with hidden messages and invisible inks but completely changed my direction a week before the deadline because I hit a dead end. What I ended up with was a typeface made of only 11 characters, all of which (with the exception of O and X, which were impossible) represent at least two letters of the alphabet.

I made the letters big enough to hold because, like my person, you need to play around with them and get to know them before you can understand what they’re about.

Example showing how the word ‘revealed’ can be made of only two shapes.

I’m not totally happy with this outcome – it works,  no one really realised it was a typeface until they interacted and played around with it, and it got positive feedback – but it’s not really what I wanted to do with the project. I’m going to attempt to come up with another idea based around the whole invisible ink thing over the holidays. That’s if I don’t get fat and lazy.