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Things to get excited about

Comic Sans biscuits are going to RSA


They’re keeping my business cards company. Food bribes are kind of my thing.


Business cards and portfolios

I’ve gone Dutch

I’m so thrilled that the What a Way to Make a Livin’ poster was featured in the Podium section of Dutch advertising magazine Adformatie (19 Jan). Massive thanks to Jennette at Dolly Rogers for this!

Tweeting through the Blackout

This is one of those ideas that is so brilliantly simple that I’m annoyed I didn’t think of it first.

What if Twitter  was around in 1943? Network43 is a project that aims to show a human side to WWII by creating four Twitter feeds based on real people, sharing their stories for three weeks in real-time and based on real events, complete with archive stills and footage.

I was never great at history and my knowledge of WWII is frankly appalling so I’m really enjoying following all of these people and getting a sense of what life was like for them. It’s such a simple idea but it’s been executed really well and I can see something like this being a great way of getting kids more interested in history (I know I’d have loved it). Twitter lends itself so well to something like this because a 140 character limit gives you no space to be boring.

Sadly the project finishes on 11th November but I’d love to see it continue as a series of short historical snapshots – tweeting through the plague anyone?




Tea & cake

Today was my last day at Tilt. Me being me (obsessed with cakes), this seemed like the perfect opportunity for some Tilt branded cupcakes as a thank you.

Throughout my time at Tilt tea seemed to be a running theme – who’s turn it was to make the tea, whether you put the milk in first, whether the colour of the tea looked weird today… those guys are NUTS for tea, which as a non-tea drinker amused me constantly. So it seemed only fitting that the cakes should be chai tea flavour, and they went down really well.

Continuing the tea theme, look what they gave me!

A mug with everyone at Tilt on it, done in the style of their recent Facebook campaign for Real Gap (if you haven’t already seen this then have a look – the song from the video will stay in your head for WEEKS). I can’t say I’ll be drinking tea out of it any time soon but I’ll definitely be enjoying copious amounts of deadline coffee from it.

Thanks to Chris, Dan, Jon and Sas for making my time there really enjoyable, I’m quite sad to leave because it means having to face the looming and terrifying prospect of third year!

Animation is my Harry Potter*

I started working as an intern for Tilt at the beginning of this month. I’m enjoying it immensely and I’ve learned a great deal in the past three weeks.

One of the things I’ve been working on is character design for a kid’s app – something I’ve never done before.

Panda illustrationAww look, here’s a panda.

My favourite bit about this project is getting to see my characters (who I’ve become rather fond of) turned into actual 3D animations. Having been part of the original generation of kids to grow up with things like Toy Story and Shrek, coupled with knowing absolutely nothing about 3D animation, made this pretty much the most amazing thing I’ve seen all year. I think I actually let my mouth hang open for a while there. I don’t think I’ll ever really understand how that sort of animation is made so watching my little drawings come to life before my eyes was probably the closest I’ll ever get to seeing actual Harry Potter style magic.

So yeah, pretty rad. Here’s a jellyfish.

Jellyfish illustration


*I know Harry Potter isn’t really relavent to this post. However I’ve recently learned that including the words “Harry Potter” in a post gets your blog a lot of hits. I’m pretty sneaky like that.

Website is live!

After feeling totally out of my depth with this whole thing, I’ve finally managed to make an actual functioning website *proud*.